Assistance - Original spare parts for new and used molding machines - Overhaul of hydraulic motor pumps

Reco-Tech S.r.l., with great experience and professionalism, offers different services:

  • Assistance and telephone support by the Reco-Tech team for every need.
  • Warehouse always supplied with original spare parts from the best brands (Bosch Rexroth, Vickers, Automata Cannon and Keb).
  • New and used presses, among which we include Sandretto presses, Battenfeld presses and Engel presses, we also offer injection molding machines, new and used plastic injection molding machines, hydraulic molding machines and overhauled molding machines.
  • Optimization of consumption and energy savings, thanks to which most investments are amortized within the year! Discover now Reco-Tech’s inverter technology.
  • Service of overhaul of hydraulic pumps and motors of molding machines’ hydraulic systems. Reco-Tech replaces and repairs damaged motors and pumps, so that you can save on the new one purchase. We repair piston hydraulic motors, Danfoss hydraulic motors, orbital hydraulic motors and Bosch Rexroth pumps, Denison Vickers pumps, Sandretto, Moog and Denison engines